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With over two decades as a consultant, web developer, mobile developer, Wordpress developer and back-end developer in Dallas, Tx, I specialize in understanding the intricacies of your business to develop custom tailor-made web solutions. My approach incorporates 25 years of industry knowledge with a keen ability to adapt to your unique requirements, ensuring a web presence that's not just functional, but a perfect fit for your business objectives. Contact me to learn how you can transform your web strategies into a reality with quality personalized services.

If you can imagine it...

I can build it.

In the digital world, one size does not fit all. As a Senior Web Developer, I specialize in crafting custom web solutions tailored precisely to your unique business needs. My expertise lies in learning your business and enhancing your existing web infrastructure, or building a new one while extending its capabilities to align perfectly with your specific objectives.

By choosing a custom solution, you are not just building something that works well enough for you as most out-of-the-box and plugin solutions do; you are taking a significant step towards realizing a web presence that is as unique and effective as your business itself.

Imagine a custom website that is a true extension of your vision, where every feature and functionality is designed to serve your specific requirements. With my custom solutions, this is not just a possibility—it's a guarantee. Let myself and my team help you transform your web solution into an asset that works exactly the way you need it to, propelling your business towards success.

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My Work

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  • It's a pleasure working with Carlos. The pride he takes in his work is obvious in the finished product. His knowledge and experience have made it easy to accomplish many project goals that seemed daunting, even in cases where there was little information to go on. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Carlos. The bottom-line results of his work have made many of my clients happy as well.
    Michael M.
    Brandon, MS
  • Carlos is wonderful to work with and cares about the quality of his work above all! He was able to come up with innovative ideas for multiple projects and knew what I needed and how to make each site the best it could be. In addition to his deep knowledge of the web designing space he is trustworthy, consistent on all projects and pleasant to work with.
    Hillary B.
    New York, NY
  • Carlos Mendez has been a huge asset to our small business. He has single-handedly revamped our website in a timely manner and has been very responsive throughout the entire process. I highly recommend his services and insight.
    Lisa H.
    New York, NY
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