Coaching Platform

A seasoned business coach faced a critical challenge with his website: a complex web of outdated WordPress plugins that risked crashing his site with every update. In response, we worked together to design and rebuild his site from scratch, replacing bulky commercial plugins with a suite of custom-developed and efficient alternatives. This resulted in a faster, streamlined, and more reliable website.

The Opportunity

This project presented the opportunity to harness native WordPress functionalities instead of relying on third-party commercial plugins. It required deep and seamless integration with WordPress, especially as the client planned to expand his business and onboard new coaches.

The Ask

The aim was to create a robust system independent of commercial plugins. The new custom-built suite of plugins needed to facilitate the onboarding of new coaches, enabling them to extend services to additional clients efficiently. The client emphasized the need for a user-friendly system that supported seamless communication and training for new coaches.

The Challenge

Our task was to construct a comprehensive solution catering to three user levels: administrators, coaches, and coaching clients. Each group required unique functionalities within the same WordPress environment.

The Solution

The end product was a collection of five custom-built plugins, each tailored to meet the client's specific needs. The system enabled coaches to recruit clients, schedule conference calls, and process orders through a streamlined, intuitive interface. The user-friendly design minimized training time to just about an hour and included a comprehensive Knowledge Base and Resource Library, ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.

Overcoming Challenges

Delving into WordPress's extensive API library was time-consuming, yet the platform's thorough documentation and global community support ensured a fast development process.

Valuable Lessons

This project reinforced the immense capabilities of the WordPress ecosystem. With dedicated research, any developer can access the same advanced functionalities used by commercial plugin creators, opening up endless possibilities for customized solutions.