DUI Lawyer Directory

This project involved the creation of a user-friendly, nationwide DUI lawyer directory for a prestigious law firm in St. Louis, MO. This directory, driven by custom WordPress plugins, would focus on achieving top SEO rankings, facilitating easy content management, and generating revenue through an innovative ad platform.

The Opportunity

This project aimed to develop a comprehensive DUI lawyer directory, distinguished not only by its high SEO ranking but also by providing valuable, actionable information to users. The directory serves as an informative resource for those seeking to understand the DUI legal process and their rights within it.

The Ask

The challenge was to build a directory of lawyers and useful information with specific functionalities requiring custom WordPress plugins. The directory would offer lawyers across the U.S. the opportunity to purchase pages and ad space. Designed with location awareness, the directory would increase the likelihood of engaging visitors and driving business for lawyers in their respective states.

The Challenge

The uniqueness of the site demanded the creation of custom functionality from scratch, rather than relying on existing plugins. This approach was essential to meet the highly specialized needs of the project.

The Solution

The end product was a suite of plugins enabling the client to seamlessly integrate high-ranking content, advertisements, and lawyer profiles. The client emphasized ease of maintenance by any of their employees, regardless of technical skill. Given the major focus on SEO, the site was engineered to track user interactions and organize content to maximize web traffic.

Overcoming Challenges

A significant hurdle was devising a method to ensure site updates were effectively recognized by search engines. This required a meticulous approach to content organization, in harmony with the custom plugins, to enhance the site's search engine visibility.

Valuable Lessons

This project taught me the importance of a well-optimized website structure and the impact of high-quality content. It also taught me that content that genuinely assists users not only serves the audience but also drives the site's success.