Social Networking Platform

I partnered with a California-based client to revolutionize training in the medtech and biotech industries. We developed an innovative online social networking tool, specifically tailored to maintain seamless communication between mentors and mentees. The uniqueness of this platform demanded a custom-built solution, starting from scratch.

The Opportunity

The goal was to create a social networking platform that matched the functionality of major players like Facebook, including features such as a "Wall", messaging, and "Friending". However, we aimed to go beyond traditional social networking capabilities, tailoring the platform to the specific needs of the executive training sector.

The Ask

To build a custom social networking platform with capabilities paralleling top social networks. Additionally, the platform would support the introduction of diverse, independent communities, fostering the growth of professionals worldwide. Since its inception, 5 to 6 additional communities have been successfully integrated.

The Challenge

We set out to develop an application that not only allowed for the creation of future communities but also provided advanced features that would be able to provide training to top-notch executives in diverse industries.

Crafting the Solution

Over the past 15 years, this platform has expanded to include over 6 global communities, even playing a pivotal role in a presidential campaign. Its influence is rapidly growing across several African nations, with continuous expansion planned for the coming years. The platform offers customizable community features, adapting to varying needs while delivering a comprehensive online community experience. Each year, new features, modules, and functionalities are added as the communities swell into the thousands.

Overcoming Challenges

A key challenge was thoroughly understanding the client's unique business processes to effectively replicate and enhance them in a digital environment. The platform needed to be versatile enough to accommodate the distinct requirements of each community.

Valuable Lessons

This project has been a labor of love, proving that dedicated effort and time can yield remarkable results. It's a testament to the power of custom solutions.