Athelete & sport team matching platform

Together with a coach in the Dallas area, we developed a pioneering platform designed to connect parents and athletes with local coaches and sports teams. This innovative solution focuses on making it easier for community members to find sporting opportunities, particularly for children seeking to participate in sports throughout the year.

The Opportunity

The objective was to create a nationwide platform that bridges the gap between coaches, teams, and players. It aimed to simplify the process of finding nearby sports activities for participants of all ages and skill levels.

The Ask

Tho build a paid service that efficiently matches coaches with players. The platform is designed to collaborate with cities and municipalities, promoting active sports involvement among children and adults.

The Challenge

The project required building a comprehensive application from scratch. Given the specific needs of the platform, neither WordPress nor any out-of-the-box solution was suitable, requiring a custom-built approach.

The Solution

Currently in beta testing (at the time of this writing), the application effectively pairs athletes with qualified coaches in their city. The founder has engaged with several counties, coaches, and sports teams in the Dallas area, who have shown considerable interest. The platform ensures that coaches are thoroughly vetted, including background checks, to guarantee safe interactions with athletes. It offers athletes a wide array of sports options and the flexibility to engage in a variety sports throughout the year.

Valuable Lessons

This project highlighted the widespread enthusiasm for community health and well-being through sports. It reinforced the importance of creating digital solutions that not only connect people but also contribute positively to their lifestyles.